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Price of Gardener!


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I just posted this in the SW section and thought I would post it here as well. We have just had a bit of a shock. We have just signed the compromis on a property that is vacant(inheritance situation). The current owners will not be up keeping the garden any longer. While we were there we had a few people over to give us a quote, we have just found out the charges and are a bit shocked. Two were local French people living in the area one is Dutch all recommended by the agent. Can anyone tell me what the going rate is for a gardener these days? We are in the Dordogne about 12km north of Sarlat. If anyone knows of someone reasonable that may be interested we would be most appreciative.

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If you were charging out your time, how much would you need. I know this is probably going to get me hung, but a gardener has skills and as such should be rewarded for it.

There are minimum rates of pay, but most gardeners have a van or a trailer, equipment etc etc all of which has to be paid for and there is wear and tear. Of course there are also the high social charges in France also paid by a gardener.

I had a conversation with a prospective client today as to why my charges were so much higher than my competitors - he accepted that I offer a level of service that most don't - but I also cannot offer the most asked for skill so that puts me at a disadvantage.

In the UK gardeners were like gold dust - probably the same in France. If you want to hire someone on the black - do a search with gardener as the topic and you will see how someone lost their home by doing this. Everything has a price.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

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Here in north 24 the going rate for cleaning, gardening etc seems to be 15 euros/hour upwards. Bearing in mind the snakes it might be considered cheap for 'danger money'!

More seriously, I agree that cost of the machinery and their maintenance should not be overlooked - the amount we've recently spent on replacement blades, fan belts, filters, servicing etc has been quite significant.

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I'm interested in reading all your replies and shocked at "on the black" comments. Back in the UK someone regarded as working "on the black" or "doing the double" was someone who was also claiming benefits from the DHSS. It is therefore hard to see how someone who has a skill / interest as a hobby and wishes to make a few bob "pocket money" can be seen as a cheat. Looking back at the UK I knew many, honest people who did odd jobs for people, on a regular basis for a few pounds. A gardener who worked for the local council during the day and in summer evenings and weekends looked after the gardens of a few elderly people who appreciated the service, a retired motor mechanic who serviced a few peoples cars and a young painter and decorator who did jobs in his spare time to save up to get married and so it goes on...I'm sure we all know someone who does the odd thing or too to make a few extra pounds...is it really that wrong? I do agree that doing work as a "full-time" operation and not declaring it is a different ball game.


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