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He's got to go!


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M Reynard and his many offspring are having a successful year. We've learnt up to now! to live in harmony with him....but no longer. Broad daylight and always just after I've gone out, he nips over and whisks away just one duck. Not too fussed on my chickens, prefers a nice plump duck. Doesn't bother at night anymore and has jumped leccy fence before now.
Chasse say they cannot do anything and I should lay in wait a shoot him; say I wouldn't be prosecuted if I did it out of season, but what if I shot a neighbours cow instead? and where do I get a gun?
Our field orchard is now in the process of "operation fortress
What next?

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No help to you whatsoever... but to show how much such things vary, when I asked my chasse about the possibility of controlling such things he said they would set traps if I wanted - live capture as required by legislation, there are two varieties... I lost one duck to a fox once, he was under the chicken house with the body, I didn't know what to do... poked him out with a stick, my border collie fought with and injured him, he didn't come back... there are still plenty about but that was the only daytime attack.
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A small flottilla of 4 x 4's and vans arrived at my next door neighbours this morning and after no doubt an early Calva for breakfast, they all trotted off to the field at the bottom of the lane, with belts of ammo that would make Arnie look underequipped. Sounds of gunfire echoed around a bit, and they all trotted back up and drove off within the hour.

I send my youngest around to get the eggs and milk and to see what all the fuss was about. They had had a vist from Monsieur Renard the night before who had killed several of his finest poulets, so he called in the local hunt, who were only too pleased to come and do their bit.

I'm just glad my dog was not wondering down the lane at the time!

Best Regards,

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