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Not no mo!


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Must report that my tomatoes are just great, so are the miniscule beets, and the tiny potatoes.

However, I have decided after much soul-searching to quit the ruddy garden and let it go to pot next year. Will buy the stuff in the market, cheaper in the long run!

But I wish the rest of you the best of luck, and someday when the soil we land on isn't full of slate and stone, and doesn't need a pickaxe to dig it, we may have a small plot again. Need an allotment.

Thank you guys for your advice and cheer.

But for now I've tried it!

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It's a shame to give up!
Why don't you have just a couple of small raised beds next year and plant a few salady mixes - the ones you pay over the odds for in the shops. Also miniature veg for just one serving. You can get a lot out of a small area doing it this way and keeping it planted. You can raise the bed by using planks or bricks and fill it with good soil to start with. Watering is easy and you could even automate it.
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Bienvenue (welcome) to the "no mo" club then Julia.

I agree entirely with your sentiments, well I did about 6 years ago to be honest !

When we have stopped the business here and all the time that takes up, I look forward to having a second (or is it 10th)stab at growing my own. As I have stated before, the ladies around here sell wonderful veg in the local markets and I leave all the hard graft to them to grow the lovely produce.

Good luck to all the self growers, I will return (was that Arnie or even Ali?) when I have no other time consuming activity to interfere with me spuds, lettuces and toms etc!


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