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As most of you know Im doing an old farm building up to gite out in about a years time,

The most problems Ive come across are from the bad workmanship done by the previous english owner, and our latest project (to make a covered patio area)

proved to be yet one more look out danger about thing,

The prev, owner left all rubble dumped within a 10 yard space from the side kitchen door, (this is the ideal place for the covered patio)

for the past few days we,ve removed tons of   rocks/ bottles/etc ect, but this morning while working away loading my trailer with rubble,

I noticed while the spade was passing my face on its way to the trailer "this 8in brown snake" trying its best to get off the spade,

I nearly jumped out of my skin and my dog decided now was the time to bark and fight this snake,

I did manage to get it into the trailer and with luck "not skill" hit it with the side of the spade killing it quickly (one strike)

Ive still a few ton of this rubble and rocks and what ever is to be found as I go along, lets hope it,s no more snakes.


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Either way, whatever it was, at 20 cm the strike distance, even if the snake was venomous and  "ideally positioned" would only be 10 cm maximum, don't kill them, just look where you are putting your hands.

I have Asp vipers up to 75 cm in my garden, so far no problem, just be aware that they are around.

Relax, Chris


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Hi Cassis,

many thanks for your info ref this snake/worm

Im a bit sorry I reacted the way I did, after it lay dead I thought christ I wish I,d not done that but again Im glad I wasnt bitten "if it had been a poison snake,

Ive learned a lesson and if I do come across any more I,ll back off and just clear the space hoping it wont come back.

but again thanks,

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Hi chris,thanks for your reply.

As I said to cassis Im sorry I acted the way I did, but ref having any form of snake in the garden, due to the way rocks etc have been piled up outside the kitchen doorway almost ,

It.s made an ideal home for the snake and its up to me to make sure no such place so near the house can happen again,

As Ive said Im doing this place up to gite out and I dont want to encourage any such things in the future, Im hoping that families with young children will enjoy  the garden /pool/ect

I do understand your welcoming of wild life and admire your thinking the way you do,

We offten sit in the kitchen looking out onto the court yard and many times we get a troop of   birds with chicks running behide just walking past

without a care in the world, and they are welcome,

many thanks for your remarks.

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Grass snake!

And you a big butch fella, what is the younger generation comming to, too much protein, that's what I reckon, should have had a padlock on the fridge door.

EYES, LOOK IN THEIR EYES, come on you could get into that.


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If a stray dog let you put your hand on it would you then assume it was OK to kill it?

Big butch boy.


ps first time I saw one in our garage in Spain I immediately KILLED IT. Sorry but I've learned a little bit more about them from this forum since then.

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I can't stand the beggars either, I know it's not ecologically correct but if I see one it's dead, the last one I killed was about a metre, I've got a piccy somewhere...aha there it is.

 click on it & you get a bigger piccy


Chris, i must say your hands are in extremely good nick for being a wood carver, do you have a secret hand cream??????? Don't like your choice of footwear tho, still, no accounting for taste sweetie !!!

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[quote user="Chris Head"]

The sandals are kevlar, the latest in chainsaw fashionwear and I've got weak wrists luvvie, hence the pretty wrist brace. x


Kevlar huh? I'm impressed, totally safe against snake bytes (blimey, what a way to get back on subject?). Are you sure that's weak and not limp you are on about (gawd, blown it again. Back off subject!!)


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