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Capricorn beetles and large oak trees


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Hi Chris,

Since you put me on the track of Phytophthora I have been trawling the net, and if not cambivora, then another phytophthora may be involved.

I could not find a simple laymans site telling me how long the trees might last, or what action can be taken to help them.

The best I have found is that trees can last up to 2 years after infection, and that little can be done to save an infected tree.

Thus I think we have to fell the second tree soonest as it is looking rather poorly, and trim the large tree near the house.  This trimming will have two benefits 1) If the trees does fall suddenly it will do minimum damage, 2) The tree is large and near to the house, so trimming it in half will reduce the water requirements of the tree, and hopefully the tree will last long enough for the foundations of the house to stabilise somewhat before we have to fell the tree - that is if we have to fell it.  Perhaps trimming will allow it to fight off the infection, but I doubt it.

Phytophthora does look pretty terminal for infected trees.

Thanks for your help.


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