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Remove ivy from trees?


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After reading your ivy problem I decided to remove the ivy from 3 large trees down our drive yesterday,

I started at about 11am and finished at 4pm the trees couldnt be seen at the middle and after I'd fininshed the first tree I was really surprised at how much larger it looked, but this morning I could see how much the tree had spread out now all that ivy had been taken away.

Having just returned from the local waste tip, Ive found a piece of this ivy and you can see how its twisted both around the tree and and pulled these very large branches tightly together,

If you just try one tree, Im sure you'll find the effort  and result well worth doing and not as hard as you think,

once you cut the bottom of the ivy the rest will pull away, all I used was a bow saw/small prune/and larger handled pruners/ a 15ft ladder., gloves and a rake.

I did 2 out of the 3 trees and they are about 30ft tall.


P.S. make sure you wash your hands as ivy is poison.

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Thank you Pun for the information. I have not attempted it as of yet but will give it a go soon. Unfortunately for the area that I am talking about, three trees would not touch the surface. Therefore, I am beginning to think it would be a massive job. However, if I can save a few it may be worth it. I do hate the thought that ivy is strangling and killing these trees.

Thank you again for the advice. [:)]

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