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Ride on mowers.........

Ford Anglia

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If there was anywhere on this site where I could advertise my 13.5 cv Briggs and Stratton ride on mower with 6 months warrenty remaining that has been regularly serviced and is in very good condition I would. Its the one I use on my 2500 m2 of land that takes me 45 minutes to cut. I leave my handbag in the house, but there is a hook.


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I have a Yardman with a Briggs & Stratton engine, cost €1800 new when I bought it, but I think they may have gone up a fair bit in price since then, maybe around €2600.

Little to say, except that I have been more than happy with it and although I mainly only cut pathways of varying sizes, but over a fairly large area, it just makes it so easy and fast.


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 Also worth considering is the all British make 'Countax' also sold as 'Westwood' made in Oxford.

Prices start from £1795 'full retail' and many dealers will negociate. Although I am not certain about the French dealers of which there are quite a few.

 Superbly built and almost all use Honda engines or a Kawasaki liquid cooled on a model at £4050

They are all belt driven and apart from the smallest and cheapest are all hydrostatic.

And there is even  two 4WD models, choices of decks for rough cutting, mulching and collecting with belt driven P.T.O tools for various tasks.

They are an ideal to be used on a commercial basis for a small business.


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Weedon (or others please),

Part quote from 02/11/2006.

Second one is a Jonsered side eject with a mulching kit but has a crap seat with a low back rest.  Side eject is great for shooting the verge grass, in the lane, across the ditch into the fields.  In the garden if you lift the plastic deflector up high it enables the grass clippings to be sprayed around so as not to notice it much but when the wind blows against you you end up getting covered in grass.


I have a side eject ride on mower.  For the first cut of the season in very thick grass, would it be safe to fully remove the plastic deflector?  I ask because I cannot find a suitable place to tie the plastic deflector up to with string, and I am not keeping too well and cannot face all the raking needed after cutting with the deflector in place.  I have about one acre of thick grass.


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