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Levelling land


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[quote user="londoneye"]

A supplementary question to sneak in here.  

I need to buy something with which to mow the grass - ....................................................... I have searched and read all of the postings I can find on the subject, but can't actually find an answer to one question - could anyone tell me why a self-propelled mower is better than a ride-on with bumpy ground ?    And how bumpy is bumpy - I would say that some of the lumps and bumps in my garden are around 8 or 9 inches high.

If anyone can bear to answer, I would really be grateful !!


I'm in a similar situation and have read everything I can on the subject.  Have kind of decided but still not done anything about it until I go back in June.  If it's not too late, one other thing you should consider is the amount of power it will take to propel yours and the additional mower weight. ie take care not to buy anything under powered.  It's a long story, but my existing Westwood 12hp belt driven ride on will not cope with our negelected sloping land, however it might if it were cut regularly and will no doubt be better in the dry summer.[+o(]

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Hope I haven't just posted something because the cat just walked over keyboard half-way through !

Anyway, just a quick thank-you to everyone who helped.   Finally made decision and did purchase a ride-on.   Had first go on it yesterday and have cut all the flat(ish) part of garden (er field) in an hour.   Had a quick go at the bumpy bit, and no problems at all - it looks flatter already !!

Last challenge will be to try the slight slope, if the sun ever comes out today - if it meets that challenge then I will be really happy - if not, then its not such a large area and I can live with continuing to be 'strimmer queen' for a while !

thanks again everyone

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