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Problems with Westwood T1200 mower


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Hello peeps,

Hubby's having a problem with our ride on mower at the moment and just wondered if anyone out there had the same mower that might be able to help and shed some light on the problem. Unfortunately we do not have the manual for it.

Came to start her up the other day only to find it wouldn't start. He's spent hours trying to sort it, seems to be an electrical problem. It's turning over ok so the battery's fine but just not firing up. Tried putting a new spark plug in, checked for a spark but doesn't appear to be one.

Can anyone help?
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No sparks, you need to check the interlocks are working.  If you disconnect the wire at the engine that the interlocks connect to does it start then ?  If it does then the problem is in the chassis wiring or switches/connectors, if not the problem is in the ignition system on the  motor - is it electronic or does it  have points (will need cleaning etc) ?  You will need to remove the  flywheel to investigate further.

BTW if it does start when you  have the interlocks disconnected stop it by applying full choke - tout de suite !!

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