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I have a hedge surrounding my property, its evergreen and when cut back too much doesnt regrow, I suspect it the dreaded Leylandi....As its 3 metres deep in places I would like to cut it back to about a metre to recoup some of the space, the only problem is that I have neighbours and dont really want to be overlooked too much. Could anyone give me some options on what I could plant under it, I would like something fast growing (Im happy to water it for a couple of years untill its really established) that will climb up the branches and spread and if possible doesnt loose its leaves in winter. I live around montpellier, so cold not really a problem, but it gets a bit toasty.




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I have an eleagnos hedge, which grows everywhere around the South West.  It is evergreen, doesn't mind shade, vigorous, easier to cut than laurel, prettier and has a wonderful scent in the autumn from little white flowers. 

My advice is buy the biggest plants that you can afford as then the results are quicker.


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