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Diagnostics and 10 Yr Guarantee

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We have recently listed our home for sale and received a request for 272,80 euros for the energy rating check, termites and natural disaster inspections. However, our home building was completed in 2003. Since it is only 8 years old and there is a 10-year building guarantee on new builds in France, are these still required? Our agent says she cannot sell without them. Is she mistaken?
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No, termites cannot get guarantees [:D][:D][:D]

Seriously, you presumably have the documentation for the guarantee so it is there you should be looking the see what is covered and what is not. The guarantee is not all embracing for the ten years either.

The ten year guarantee operates on a tiered basis as follows:

(i) During the first year from completion the builder is obligated to guarantee complete performance of the work –
la garantie de parfait achèvement.


During the second year to guarantee that fittings are in good working

order e.g. electrics, sanitary goods, heating, windows, shutters, and

doors –
la garantie de bon fonctionnement.


During the ten years from completion to guarantee all those works

concerned with the stability and integrity of the building, including

those elements which ensure the building is wind and watertight eg

foundations, floors, walls, staircase, ceilings, door and window frames,

major electrical and plumbing defects, roof, framework –
l’assurance décennale.

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Unfortunately, all such documents are in French and French legal issues are more difficult to translate than every day conversation. In your no. (iii) you mention the stability and integrity of the building. I would think that would include termites as they can undermine the strength of the joists, main frame, etc. Do you know if there is a website - in English - that would be a good resource? Thank you for your assistance.
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You require the termite diagnostic check, it has nothing to do with the guarantee, when the inspection is done the certificate lasts for 6 months.

If the sale is not completed in this time, you will require another inspection (normally done free).

The price seems high for the diagnostics required in your case.

You could get another estimate on this LINK

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As an FYI for any others of interest on the forum, we have made an arrangement with our agent immobillier that states since the termite inspection is good for only 6 months, that when a client signs a compromise de vente that a clause will be inserted which states that we will pay for the termite inspection then and if it passes then the sale can proceed, and if it does not then the contract is null and void.
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