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I would try a couple of your local bricos? The ones around here have a good variety of sizes and prices. If you want a paper thin type that you get from B&Q, etc. then you will have to look North to B&Q, but the general ones here look to be fairly good quality, but you will have to pay for what you get? Up to you, you pays yer money, etc.!?

You don't say what part of France you are in Joe?

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Just taken delivery of one that I bought online from a bunch called Cemonjardin. Looks an excellent quality - certainly better than the thin walled, stapled things from B&Q etc. Yes you pay more but so far cannot fault the service - it pitched up earlier than expected within a week or so of ordering. There is no way I could get one across from UK.

Hopefully better weather this week will see me starting to construct the thing!
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