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Expiry of clause suspensive


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Good explanation, in the absence of any knowledge I believe it is correct as it sounds very plausible.


I think if at this stage either the buyer or the seller try to back out (seller because he has found a serious buyer) unless both agree then the property will be effectively blocked from sale, the deposit effectively blocked with the notaire and of no benefit to either party for as long as it takes for the legal system to bleed both partys dry.

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Yes, didn't want to leave a paper trail.  Thanks for all the advice however I was absolutely able to withdraw as the period to get a mortgage in had expired.  Such a clause was helpful in my case.  

The suggestion of being a timewaster was  unfair and we all have our individual circumstances.  There were other factors at play - I had a breakdown which negated my ability (or desire) to get a mortgage whilst struggling with mental health. Now recovered after 5 years and ended up purchasing a lovely property in Dept 79, and all is well.  The previous owners sold to a French couple almost immediately.

Best Wishes,


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