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A few weeks ago our local garden centre had 3 people from the RSPB in attendance and it was them that recommended the sunflower hearts rather than peanuts

GG we have just noticed a rat foraging around the bird seed so just stopped feed the birds for a couple of weeks,(again RSPB advice) hopefully ratty will have moved on, but who knows ? We get lots of goldfinches, but they like the sunflower hearts too....

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The varieties of birds this year have been wonderful - Long tailed tits, marsh tits, blue tits, great tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks, Robins, Gold finches, chaffinches, wrens.  We're just waiting for the Greater Spotted Woodpecker to arrive back who visited us last year and fed from our feeder.  Also just recently visited by red squirrels.


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[quote user="Dog"]That ain't no barn that's the beach bar with bamboo roof to keep the sun off the G&T's in the summer -made from fallen logs in the forest.[/quote]

Blimey Dog, my G&Ts (plural) ain't never been made from logs? It would go against the grain from me, or am I 'bark' ing up the wrong tree? [:D] Mind you, after several-ish+ I would be like a fallen log, maybe?

We had 3 siskins on our wal today. not frequent visitors and a lovely sight. 


I put a line of seed along the top of the wall and the birds love that.

Just found this, but the 2 times I have changed, first the sand and second time from sand to zeolite I just shovelled it out with my hand. It took about 45/50 mins, but if you take into account collecting and returning any hire kit then it's probably quicker.

I made a bird table by cutting the top 18 inches of a 3 inch round fence post into square and made a table to drop over it. Then a roof is put on top, when I get round to it. It works well and is very stable.

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