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Hourly rate for a gardener


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[quote user="steve"]Me again - a lot depends on the type of kit the gardener uses. If for example you have 3000 sq m to cut, Matey with a brico machine turns up and charges 18€ an hour, but takes 3 hours to cut it them thats 54€. If I turn up and charge 25-30€ an hour but take 1 hour to do the same job then my hourly rate sounds expensive but works out nearly half price! Hence we quote per job nowadays. There are people who charge 15€/hr doing what we do, but we know they wont be about in a year or two as they cant make a living at that. WHat you need is someone you can trust to do the job without taking the pees and you can rely on.


So so true Steve, considering you would probably only get £6.50-£7.50 an hour in the UK it does come as a bit of a shock to most. It sounds like you make a lot of money but with the social charges and tax I really don't know how business's run but the constant closing of business's is sure the system is a tough one.

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