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Bramble bashing!

Chris Head

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Spent a couple of days getting down and dirty with approx 1000m2 of a pond surround HEAVILY infested with brambles. The brushcutter stands about 1,8m high & the brambles reached close to 3m in places! With good kit, a good mashing technique and and alot of scratces the job was done and cleared in less than two days. HOWEVER, if you're going into ground like that, try & scout it first for hornets & wasps nests, an hour spent carefully watching and listening could save alot of grief!



Uncovering natural regeneration that was well hidden was a bonus.

Edit; don't know if piccies have come up or not? I'm only seeing the photobucket html codes.
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Blimey Chris, you described what you had done, but I hadn't realised that they were that big! I take it that you didn't find any nests?

I found a small one in the end of the summer cover for our pool a short while back and got stung for my trouble. Just as well it was only a small one because it was so very unexpected! It didn't last long!

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