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Hudreds of little white snails!


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Hi..we are being slowly invaded with hundreds of little white snails. We bought some snail/slug blue pellets and put them down, which seems to have curbed their activities, but having such a large area to cover, this was not cheap!

Anyone any ideas how best to control these things or know of a cheaper alternative to expensive blue slug./snail pellets thingies?

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These sound like morguettes:  ordinary snail deterrents don't work so look out for a solution with the word morguettes on the packet (about £15 will do a 700sq metre area).  If they are on the lawn, a cheaper method is sulphate of iron - good for the grass, kills lawn moss and the morguettes don't like it........

Good luck

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Hi Tony. Thanks for your reply.

I have looked morguettes up on the Internet and they seem a little too big, unless they grow into that size.

However, I willl keep an eye out for the packets you mention and see if it helps.

Failing that I will take one of the little blighters into the shop and see what they say.

Thanks again. Regards
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