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Sit/Ride on LAwn MOwer required


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We have a grass area of about 1000m2 to mow. Being an old fella now, my back will not take to walking around a lawn mower for hours on end, so a sit/ride on lawn mower is my solution.

We are in the Var (83) and do not have a trailer or towbar and we are looking for something decent for no more than 1000€.

Anyone any suggestions as to where is best to get one, ie shops, etc? Or maybe even 2nd hand shops. Do Troc do them?

Any advice appreciated.
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yes, LeBonCoin is probably your best bet.

€1000 would get you a new basic one from a supermarket/brico shed, but your money will go further on a used one. Most have Briggs and Stratton motors between 11 and 14 hp or so, and they are all much of a muchness at this sort of price. Check for worn drive belts and play in all the pulley bearings if possible. Most of the cheaper ones have the front axle made from pressed steel on a simple bush to allow it to pivot - these wear out and the steel splits if its abused/used on rough terrain, giving play in the steering. Better models have a cast axle housing and roller bearings, which are a lot stronger.

Most of the cheaper ones have a toothed wheel segment and cog for the steering, which wears out, giving loads of play again.

The older ones will have primitive and often badly dented or rusty upper body panels - dont be put off as this is all superficial and dont be swayed into getting an inferior modern one due to fancy headlights and curvy bodywork (who cuts grass at night anyway? and if they did, do the manufacturers think those wee headlights are actually bright enough?) the important bit is the "chassis" which is normally a pressed steel afair that the motor and everything else bolts onto.

Nothing on any of them is terribly hard to fix if you are handy with the tools yourself and have or could borrow a welder if needed, but if you have to pay for these repairs the costs will rocket, so buy carefully.

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