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Rules on growing a hedge

John Brown

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I've spent the last few months cutting down a conifer hedge that ran across the back of the garden. It had been allowed to grow to a great height and was unmanageable because of its width. It was planted about 2 metres inside my garden but because it had grown so big it reached the wall

I've planted young privets much closer to the boundary wall ( dwarf wall with wire mesh fencing on the top to six foot ) but I've now got the distinct feeling that there are rules about hedges that run between properties. I was more concerned in maintaining privacy for both families ( they have a pool just the other side of the wall ) and will keep the hedge trimmed in line with the top of the fence. I can trim both sides of the hedge and hopefully it will look alright. I have involved my neighbour in the work so he knows what I've been doing. He speaks no English and my French is basic stuff but we get by.

Another neighbour has now said we might have problems if next door ever sell and move.

Our house was built over 100 years before next doors and the wall belongs to me. I THINK !


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I've found this information myself , which answers my question and might help others when planning their hedge

I've copied and babel fished this extract

Plant well away

Trees or hedges planted at property boundaries are often a source of conflict between neighbors.

time of planting, it is perhaps worth remembering that there are rules

in the statute concerning the distances to maintain when installing a

tree or shrub.




What is the law?

Here are the rules "basic":

  • Tree and shrub with a height greater than 2m in adulthood (not the day

    of planting ...) should be planted at least 2m from the property line

  • Tree and hedge not exceeding 2m should be planted at least 50cm from adjacent land.
  • These rules do not apply to plants trellised:

    • if there is a wall separating attached, each is free to lean an espalier, or climbing, provided that these do not exceed the top of the wall in question.
    • if the wall is private, only the owner can plant espalier ...


A hedge terraced

These are general questions, beware! Your municipality or condominium could make changes to the law, which then take precedence.

Learn hence the local and the existence of any municipal or prefectural orders on the subject. In Hall, the planning department at the prefecture, with the trustee of your home ...

Regards JB

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