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We always used Sodium Chlorate and made it double strength, worked a treat but necessary to keep animals and car tyres away. Do not know the product you state but if for paving or concrete,slate etc,ordinary javel works well and you just need to brush it well in, leave a while and then rinse with the hosepipe.I use it a lot and buy the cheap product,not an expensive brand,however do not use near plants and trees etc if the rinsing runs towards them.
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I'm fairly certain that sodium chlorate has been banned in the EU.

I haven't found anything as effective as Pathclear since moving here; in the UK it used to keep the drive and patio weed-free for about 6 months, enough to get through what we laughingly called summer.  The French treatments only seem to work for about 10 weeks before fresh shoots start to appear. I put this down to living in the country and assume that more seeds are wind and bird-borne.

Pathclear, as far as I remember, becomes deactivated on contact with the ground. I don't think the small amount used on the drive would poison the earth, not as much as the stuff the farmers use in huge quantities around here.

I now use Glyphosate and you can buy it in branded packs (Bayer etc), or much cheaper unbranded just "glyphosate" and where necessary I re-do it a couple of months later.



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I can vouch for salt. Last summer we came home from holiday to find a large square of dead grass in the lawn.

It turned out that the son had placed his VW Polo bonnet on the grass to 'rat look' it.

Sand off the paint and rub salt in.

Allow to corrode, replace on car, add sticky back plastic wood 'panels' and wait for the plaudits from your mates....................apparently !

Car has since gone to VW heaven.

But, we still have a large square of dead grass. So salt it is next time we want to kill weeds.

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