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I planted some canes last Autumn and got a reasonable crop this Summer.

However, the berry size was very disappointing.  Given the arid conditions down here, they were soaked every evening so drought was presumably not the problem. I grew raspberries successfully for years back in the UK and in alkali soil (which we have here), so that presumably too isn't the problem.

Any suggestions anybody?  The variety is 'Autumn Bliss'.

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I do not recognise the name but would guess from the name that they are autumn fruiting variety.


So first pruning - did you cut down all of the canes in Spring?  (There are a few varieties that will give you a summer and an autumn crop and for these you cut down most of the canes in spring, leaving just a few to give the summer crop).


Second, feeding - suggest that once the canes are cut down you give a heavy top dressing of fumier.  This will feed the canes, improve the soil and act as a mulch to help keep moisture in.


Small berries usually indicates poor nutrients or not enough moisture - possibly poor pollination but that seems unlikely for something like raspberries which should produce over several weeks or months.

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Perhaps you should treat them as French 'remontant' varieties:

Leave unpruned for the moment and see if the new canes fruit in the autumn - If so, do this:

Canes that fruited in the autumn just need the frosted tips trimmed in the spring. Once they have fruited for the second time in early summer, cut them down, leaving the new canes to fruit in the autumn
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