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Whilst I can mow the majority of the garden on a ride-on there are parts that can only be accessed with a hand mower. It is not ideal and will be bringing it back to use in the UK. So when we arrive in a couple of weeks time will buy the new one in France.

Now some makes are familiar to me as they are sold in the UK but others such as:

MTD, Alpina, B, Bestgreen etc are unknown to me.

What I am looking for is a self propelled mower that will mulch and is naturally reliable and reasonably powerful up to 350 euros.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Hi Paul

We recently bought a mower from Mr Bricolage which we are very please with.

It's a GCV160 ( http://www.mr-bricolage.fr/outillage-jardin/tondeuse-et-scarificateur/tondeuse-thermique/tondeuse-thermique-4x1-gcv-160.html?magasin=chateaubernard-cognac#tabs-caracteristiques ). It's a touch over your budget but when we bought it, it was on offer at €329.

It collects, mulches and does side and rear ejection.

The engine is a Honda, it has a single lever to raise and lower the deck and has rear wheel drive which pulls like a randy horse...

All in all, it's a very good bit of kit.

Good luck

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Don't know about the best makes in France but I was told to go for a steel deck for strength, either Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine, and something with a strong metal gearbox. I bought (in UK) an Oleo-Mac which is still performing well after nearly 10 years of quite heavy use.
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