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Interesting question.  I think there is no doubt it would grow but I suppose itàs a question of getting enough sun to ripen the fruit. I would try a hot dry part of the garden, maybe a south facing wall  and go for it.  After all, if I can grow grapes, figs and kiwi fruit in Pas-de-Calais then you should have no problems with a pomegranate so far south.

Here's a Wikihow



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I had no problem with oranges near Béziers


but having recently bought south of Carcassonne I can say that the climate is much wetter and colder as it is further from the Mediterranean, and I cannot imagine growing the same fruits here.

There is a line the Méridienne verte  and anything west of it doesn't seem to benefit from the Mediterranean, but has a more Atlantic climate with cold and wet coming down off the Pÿrénées.

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