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Some advice please.

Not having grown geraniums for a few years, I bought some plants from the local supermarket this year. They were the right colour but some sort of double flower which did not hold for more than a minute and the leaves were somewhat darker than traditional geraniums ought to be.

If I keep the plants over the winter, upside down, in a dark place will they revert to some, more pleasing, original plant or is it best to dump them? They are healthy.

They are probably a hybrid, I would think.
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The only thing I would give to my neighbour, if I could do it by shaking his hand and without danger to myself, would be a dose of herpes. I think the new plants route is the way forward.

Gardian, do you have an email address so I can ipad some fotos straight to you? If that is ok, send it via a pm or Norman will have it!!
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