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Dipladenia / Mandevilla


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We have a lovely plant, which was a gift in mid-Summer.

Its potted and we brought it inside a couple of weeks ago. It was extremely vigorous in the Summer, but as you'd expect, is starting to look a bit tired now.

Two questions. 1. Keep it inside, where it'll be quite warm through the Winter, or to a cooler part of the house, or even the garage (always above freezing & with light) 2. Any pruning? It has got a bit straggly and our instinct is to give it a good tidy up.

Any advice more than welcome.
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I believe you'd be best keeping the plant well above freezing, so inside the house would be a better bet than the garage. As far as pruning is concerned, I'd tidy it up, but aim to keep two thirds of the plant. If it is still a bit straggly come the spring/summer or when it starts growing, pinch off the ends of some new stems to encourage it to get bushier.
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Lots of light, and avoidance of low temperatures, seems to be the main things.  And cut back with care - they are a vine, so will tend to straggle.

Quote from http://containergardening.about.com/od/floweringcontainergarden/a/Dipladenia.htm

" Overwintering Dipoladenia - If you live in a cold climate, it is possible to overwinter dipladenia indoors. Take in your plant before evening temperatures dip below 50 °F. Put it in a place with as much direct sun as you can, though it may even survive if you can provide lots of indirect light. Dipladenia doesn't like the cold so protect it from drafts.

Don't be alarmed if your plant doesn't flower or sheds some leaves in the winter. In the fall, you may see long shoots or sprouts, which you can trim back lightly or train onto a trellis or support.

Stop feeding through the winter. Though plants generally need less water in the winter, central heating can dry the air and your plant very quickly. Keep your plant on the dry side during the cold months, but make sure it doesn't dry out too much. In the spring, increase watering and resume fertilizing. Don't cut the plant back, or you will miss out on next seasons flowers. You can put your plant outside once the nighttime temperatures are consistently above 50°F."

Similar advice here.  http://www.jardiner-malin.fr/fiche/mandevilla-dipladenia.html

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