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Log saw

Mrs Trellis

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Not sure which topic to put this on! We went to look at a 2nd hand electric log saw today. OH thought the blade was very worn and would need replacing - he's looked online and blades can be 90 euros. The saw had been used for one season, 3 stare of wood. If blades have to be replaced every year, this seems an expensive option. OH has previously used a chainsaw but it's very messy and also we thought the electric saw machine would be less effort as he tires easily now.

Has anyone any experience of these machines or could anyone recommend one? It was bought from an agricultural type place, usually has good stuff. There's no brand name or country of origin, the instructions were in English with no company name though it was bought in France. When I Googled the number on it, I got lots of Chinese websites supplying them 40 at a time.
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[quote user="Mrs Trellis"]The saw had been used for one season, 3 stare of wood. If blades have to be replaced every year, this seems an expensive option. .[/quote]

They are lying, one season and 3 stere, yeh and piggies have wings.

A blade will last longer than that.  That said an electric chainsaw is nice and light, relatively quiet easy to start and handle. I bought one for firewood prep and can't be bothered to get the Stihl out now. 

You can get a bench which has a fixture for the chain saw if its too much now.


SIP Chainsaw Log Horse

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I assume that you're looking for something to 'log' material, as opposed to something to cut down trees? From your wording, that would seem to be the case.

On the advice of somebody on here, I bought a 'Gaubert' some 10 yrs ago. Its a big brute of a thing, 60cm square chassis (so rock steady), with a serious electric motor, 50cm dia circular blade. It'll cut up to 20cm dia logs and has a really good safety system. The blade does need sharpening from time to time of course, but at E20 by the mobile affutage bloke on the market, its not a big problem

Absolutely delighted with it, always felt safe (as opposed to chainsaws which scare me rotten), but it wasn't cheap. Those years ago, it was about E500 at Leroy Merlin, but you might find one s/h.

Hope that helps.
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A plain steel blade can be sharpened many times over. You can do this yourself with a file if you are patient and pay attention to the tip angles.

A carbide tipped blade should last longer before going dull, but re-sharpening is apparently much more specialised and can only be done a limited number of times before there is no tip left to sharpen - I have never done this myself, nor had it done.

I got this Woodstar when it was on promo at Bricodepot....


Despite being cheap Chinese toss, its pretty good for the price I paid...the guard system limits the max log diameter somewhat but a tickle with the angle grinder soon remedied that problem. Its only a 40cm blade if I remember rightly so it will never do huge diameter stuff though.

 A couple of weeks back I did 11 cubic meters of 50cm logs, mostly ash - probably a third of that went through this saw and its still plenty sharp.

There was no way I could justify the €600+ the agri spares places want for a big saw and most of the second hand stuff I looked at was a guaranteed trip to A&E.

This one was of particular note....


the open pulleys with no guards anywhere is par for the course but this one has the added bonus of turning in the "wrong" direction so will slam the wood into your face if it catches!

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Nice! The stupidity of people never fails to amaze and amuse me.

By boring coincidence, one of the "related videos" is a clip of the one I have....


About 55 seconds in, you can see the problem that limits log diameter. Cutting this top guard back a bit allows larger logs but the blade remains fully covered.

Some of the logs I cut had to be cut half-way then rolled around to cut the remainder, but they were split chunks from larger sections rather than round logs.

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Yes, it must be blunt as hell - he is putting his full weight into it.

Only a matter of time until his hand slips or a bit of bark flakes off and he head-butts the blade.

I was given a table saw like that, but slightly smaller. A home-made steel frame, soggy plywood deck and a big blade sticking up through it. Its powered by a huge three-phase motor underneath and a right old lash-up of pulleys and a car fanbelt.

It immediately blows the house fuses when I switch it on, so the motor is probably kippered. I did vaguely consider putting a wee petrol engine on it, but A - cant be bothered and B - quite like having 10 fingers.

Its in the scrap metal pile now.

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My father a carpenter gave me some words of wisdom, - "you will never cut or injure yourself with a sharp tool my son, only a blunt one, always sharpen your blades"


When I was young I thought that I knew everything and couldnt be told so he waited until after I had nearly disembowelled myself with a wood chisel to be sure that the message sunk in,

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Thanks for the helpful replies. I didn't look at the video. We bought something from this person before, and I don't think she was deliberately lying. Maybe the person who used the saw also chopped up wood with nails in or something. The blade was damaged and some of the points were missing. Anyway, someone bought it!

Have since checked out the shop, there is one left at 270 euros, (about 180 online + delivery) but OH said it looked faulty. We waited ages to ask someone if they stock the blades and how much, but gave up in the end. There was a new batch of wood saws that didn't look any more substantial, at 450. Reluctant to buy online in case of problems. We had that with a dehumidifier and the company never replied to us, or to the local shop that they supply with stock.
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