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Someone has given me an orchid plant . What kind of care do they need? ie watering, type of pot etc. I've never had one before, except when we were in Singapore and can't remember the details.

It's in a transparent pot and she said the roots need light so leave it in there.

I've stood it in a shallow dish with a little water, in the house with plenty of daytime light. Is that enough?

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Assuming it's the most common type, it'll be pretty easy to keep alive. They like it warm and don't mind central heating. I keep mind by a south facing window in winter and move them about a metre away from the window in summer. If the window faces east or west the plant can stay put all year round. Water regularly but don't let it stand in water - pour excess away.

Then you pretty much leave it to its own devices. The RHS always gives good advice, so look at this..

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