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Just planting gooseberries and raspberries ...


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??? Norman!

WB, raspberries are usually pretty trouble-free.

Gooseberries can attract the dreaded sawfly: google it and you will see that you need to inspect the plant when in leaf, around April, and take action if you find any, as they can strip a bush of leaves in a trice.

From the RHS site:

"The common gooseberry sawfly is the most troublesome pest of gooseberries. It can have three generations a year, with the larvae active in late April to June, July, and August to September

The female sawflies lay eggs on the underside of leaves, low down in the centre of the bush, so the young larvae go unnoticed until they have eaten their way upwards and outwards, devouring the leaves as they go."

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Hi Wooly the other problem with gooseberries is mildew or rust which needs to be treated before and after the fruit start forming. The other thing with gooseberries is that when established the shoots need thinning out when pruning to leave good air ciculation around the bush.

Goosegob pie is one of my favorites.
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