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You got me thinking about my vines. I have no idea what they are but I usually get a good crop.  This year I must give them a severe talking to as they have got rather out of hand.  One of them is so big it partially collapsed the pergola over my patio.

Anyway, I came across the RHS website which gives some great recommendations and tips for growing


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We have 2 vines, the best is Amandin, lots of fruit.  The other, Candin, we've had for about 4 years and still no fruit, but lots of leaves.

Our neighbour has Centennial which is doing well.

All are green grapes.

You have to wait a few years before they produce decent fruit, our Amandin is about 8 years, since planted.

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Thank you for your replies, everybody, with nice, helpful links and special thanks to Pat whose post has given me er...............fruit for thought.

I hadn't realised it would be such a long wait for the grapes!  I think I'll have a climbing rose instead.

Incidentally, you might find it amusing to hear that I didn't know what to put in the search engine to begin with.  The results were not helpful with either vigne or vine as I believe that those words can refer to any climbing fruit-bearing plant.

I tried "raisinnier" in desperation but, of course, there is no such word!  If anyone is searching for the same thing, you need to say "raisin de table"[;-)]

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Pierre - ours have also produced a massive amount of foliage this year. I daren't go up there on a ladder but hasband has cut most of it back.

Mint - don't give up on the vine idea, they're worth all the waiting. Here's another link, which tells you why it takes 3 years+ from planting:


Our vines form an arch around the end roof of our barn. we had removed most of the end wall to get a view of the Pyrenees, and the vines frame it. This end room is our summer living room.

The first year they were attacked by deer and nearly died, but recovered . Put a protective grillage around after that.

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