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Garden machinery rental


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Hi, is it possible to hire garden machinery in the Quillan area (don't mind up to 20km) - in particular we need to hire a ride on mower/tractor. We were in the process of buying one but its a high cost for a couple of times a year usage, plus we're not sure where we could store it safely. Thank you (we want to do it ourselves rather than hire someone to do the gardening!)
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You might find something on one of the sharing/renting between individuals sites.

But this national chain gives an indication of how much you are going to pay from a hire shop.

Unless it really is a question of securing the machine during your absences, I think buying a cheap one at the end of the season sales is going to be more economical.

The best part of 300 or 400 Euros twice a year would pay for quite of bit of professional gardening.


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