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Greenhouse purchase - any tips svp.


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I am looking to purchase a small greenhouse as felt the need of one this Spring and early summer, as well as winter storage of plants..

Perhaps something with polycarbonate sheets as they are cheaper than glass. Anything wrong with these?

At present some are pretty cheap on the Habitat and Jardin site, something round 4.6 sq metres.

Any thoughts, input welcome, svp.
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We lost a small glass greenhouse in the tail end of storm Zeus back in the spring.

After looking around we got our replacement via auchan.fr. It is polycarbonate - which is much warmer than glass - and unlike some polycarbonate designs, the glazing slots into the Aluminium framing rather than being held in place with the same sort of W clips that are used for glass. I have made sure it is well anchored into the ground with some concrete pads into which the base is screwed.

Took me about a day to build - mostly single handed - without any real problems or issues.
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