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Brand of Grass Seed


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I am creating a nice lawn (jardin anglais) which needs to be grassed.

What brand of grass do you recommend ?

I have used a few varieties of seed from brico shops in France but never been impressed.

I want a proper lawn. I am doing the hard work so it will the right depth and it will be flat.

Just need some seed.

Many thanks in advance.
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Might depend on where in France. OK, this is a slightly more dramatic example, but an ex-colleague who was based in West Africa wanted to make a jardin anglais at his house so took some grass seed from the UK to Burkina Faso or wherever, which unsurprisingly didn't grow. Grass varies hugely from country to country and climate to climate.

Just get something that is happy to grow in the conditions it's planted. Once it's mown nobody will be able to tell what it is anyway. We've got "lawns" in two countries that comprise many things as well as grass ( I blame the previous owners of both houses!) but after a good trim, they look as grassy as a very grassy thing.
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20% BOCELLI Perennial Ryegrass

30% MELBOURNE Perennial Ryegrass

25% WAGNER 1 Chewings Fescue

20% SMIRNA Slender Creeping Red Fescue

5% HIGHLAND Browntop Bent

Premium, prize lawn. produces a fine, dense lawn with good colour and wear tolerance.

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No wonder my lawn is s.h.i.t.e...!

Currently working with:


25% mint


25% unidentified weeds

20%bald patch

5% actual grass of indeterminate origin


95% moss

2.5 % grass

2.5% things the %#^*€ squirrels plant to dig up later.

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Really depends on the effort you put in. If you get rid of all weeds by good preparation then, as said, go for what is offered locally - unless you want to play cricket on it!!!!

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In fact, Mr Betty is waiting for it to stop being like the Somme (soon, if this weather holds) because he went to Aldi for a bag of sugar and came home with a scarifier. As he can't yet go out and frighten it, he decided to pull up a bit of moss, and ended up rolling up about a quarter of the lawn as a great big mossy carpet.

It is now a race against time as to whether we can get a lawn made of actual grass before he'll actually freezes over.
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