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Garden in a mess


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It’s been another lovely sunny day here in Berkshire. I’ve been battling with brambles that have woven their way through a huge cornus during the winter.

It was lovely out there, sunshine, a clear blue sky, birds singing, primroses everywhere and a robin at my feet throwing leaf mould around while searching for food.
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i have a garden someone has destroyed and the coucil wont even help level and fix a patio so i can at least make a start.

Its uneven, grassy on parts. so ive been told to rotavate it all then rake it to level the lawn. then dig up the patio and clear a square to redo neatly. but the garden has a big mud step so i need to put blocks up to stop it sliding onto the patio then redo the patio with all kinds of colored slabs and sizes. then plant grass seed and in time train the grass to be a bordered flat lawn with a basic square piece of patio to sit and chill on and put slabs up the lawn in the middle to the concrete post for washing. Then in time plant flowers and ornaments and make nice.

But has anyone a easy better idea and could even be like a dream garden i see on these pics on a low budget and self diy. im a girl medium build was athletic but injured my knee so need help anyone.

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