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CdS and French taxation


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What French taxation implications are there in applying for a Carte de Sejour?

In other words, can one apply for a CdS on the basis of being in France permanently, if temporarily, but tax resident (paying taxes) in another country - eg UK.

Or does the CdS automatically mean a French tax situation/declaration?

Many thanks for any advice.
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I would suggest your read the following before applying. If you can't read French use Google to translate (Chrome does it on the fly). It depends on your status, employed, self employed or retired but resident in France. This is the latest version assuming the UK leaves in Oct 2019.


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You do not have to apply for a CdeS at the moment, you are not obliged to have one, that is a choice at the moment, may not be in the future but has nothing to do with taxes.

If you are a french resident, I would say that you have to fill in a french tax form.

Dual taxation agreements income derived and paid in another country

will be taken into account, and IF you needed to pay more, then you

would have to.

Likely you would not pay more.

Also take care, even if you have income from another country, where are you actually working???? If you are doing this, ie working 'in' France, then that is another can of worms with regards to being a french business/company. The link should be live

ie We did it the other way round, as when we first moved back to the UK with exclusively french income on which we had paid french income tax. We had to declare our income in both countries. The french income tax and amount of income was included on our self assessment form in the UK and then as income tax is higher in the UK, we had to pay extra on this income.

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You are either a French resident or not. If you are you have to complete a French tax return declaring all of your worldwide income even if some of it may be liable for tax in the UK; if you are not a French resident but have income that is liable to be taxed in France, for example income from French property, you will also have to complete a French tax return to declare that income.

If you are a French resident you may apply for a CdS (if your prefecture is accepting applications) and you will have to apply for or apply to exchange you CdS for the correct certificate of residency after Brexit.

Applying for a CdS will make no difference to your tax status, if you are entitled to apply then your tax situation has already been established.
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In an equivalent thread posted on a different forum, it seems likely although not confirmed that the OP has been posted by a UK employer as a travailleur détaché in France.

Under the EU posted workers directive, posted workers must be resident in the country from which they are posted, since the basis of the posted worker agreement is that they continue paying tax and social security deductions in their home country whilst working abroad temporarily, and they are expected to return home at the end of the posting.

If that's the situation here, the OP cannot apply for a carte de séjour as a posted worker. Non EU posted workers have a cds to confirm their right to work in France but as an EU citizen he automatically has this right, and this type of cds doesn't give any residence rights after the posting ends. After Brexit, should it occur and if his posting is ongoing, he may need to apply for a cds as a temporary worker in France, for the duration of his posting.
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The OP says that they are living in France permanently, so not a travailler detache, which begs the question as to where   they are doing the work, that is crucial as to how the french view this and where their stoppages should be paid.

As said, nothing to do with a CdeS though.

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You may be right but he did post the identical question on another forum. I said I didn't understand what he meant by "permanently if temporarily" because how can it be both, and the reply was

"I would have thought it was quite possible to be a temporarily permanently resident - say for a year's contract. ??"

Which to me suggested travailleur détaché on a one year posting using "permanently" in the sense of, he could work here Monday to Friday and go back to the UK at weekends but he doesn't, he stays in France.

The fact that he says he is UK tax resident also points to a temporary posting from the UK.

And I don't see anything in his post that contradicts the travailleur détaché theory apart from the word "permanently" which is then qualified by "if temporarily"

But in any case, he apparently doesn't want to disclose any more details and he seems to have lost interest.
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Quite normal (as you know only too well) when people either don’t like the answer or are too bloody ignorant / rude to acknowledge the trouble people take to attempt to answer their question.

Time wasters. A bit like all the ‘cold calls’ on the phone that we all get.
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[quote user="Gardian"]Quite normal (as you know only too well) when people either don’t like the answer or are too bloody ignorant / rude to acknowledge the trouble people take to attempt to answer their question.

Time wasters. A bit like all the ‘cold calls’ on the phone that we all get.[/quote]


I try to ignore repetitious posts with flaky questions, apparently by the same person under different names, often on more than one forum. They are usually simply made by trolls who want to waste members' time with what they consider amusing parodies of frequent questions.

I heard that a pair of nitwits who used to do this under assumed names here now have their own forum, which they moderate themselves, so that they can write reams of drivel, insult people, and use bad language at will.

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[quote user="BritinBretagne"]Not bad nomoss, in your post you only managed to copy two of the traits that you despise in other people; you managed to insult and write drivel, why didn’t you go for the full-house and use some bad language as well?[/quote]

Oh dear! Did I happen to touch a nerve somewhere?

Exactly who did I insult?

Are you just annoyed at having wasted your time in offering

advice to someone who may be just taking the p*ss, or are you a luvvie of

the weird pair and their alternative forum?

I have seen multiple posts under different names on other

forums, asking similar questions to that of the OP, in the hope of getting the

answer the he wants to hear.

The pair of nitwits I referred to objected to some home

truths I mentioned about the members of their forum, which I repeated on this

forum, and they reacted by posting some disgusting insults against me here,

which were removed by the mods.

Are you another member of their coven?

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