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Registering et al

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Further to the B&B threads, I have now printed off loads to read and study quietly and and still confused by what has come out.

1. Only 2 bedrooms to let - yes I need to register, no I don'T!
Which, please?

2. If yes, I have form P2CMB - Declaration de Modification, Personne Physique from the Chambers des Metiers, plus Attestation, Declaration de Non Condamnation & Bulletin de Participation. Is this what I need to complete to apply to register the little business?

3. Who and what is Recette Locales Des Douanes. Is it part of the Impots?

4. What do we have to pay for impots - we had large outgoings for setting up and advertising, therefore not going to make much profit. There has been mention of anything from 43 euros to 2,500 euros!

5. Mensuel payments - this is tax taken monthly, is that right?

6. Micro-bic - is this the right tax regime, and do I read it right that we can claim up to 70% allowances against profit?

7. Read under a reply from Miki that under a certain number of bedrooms, you don't have to register. That is what I understood last year? Someone else says you must register by law, however many rooms you have. Who is correct?

8. Do I presume that 'petite' and 'grand' is a classification depending on how many letting bedrooms you have?

All help and replies will be studied carefully, with thanks.

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1 and 7 - Technically you have to register with Chamber of Commerce as of 1st Jan 2004. On our visit recently they said absolutly yes.

3 - 8 (Recette Locales Des Douanes) this is the Customs and Excise office in UK terms and it's where you get your licence for alcahol from. The Petit and Grant refer to what you can sell, the Grand is for wine with a evenng meal. It's free (well it was 3 weeks ago when we got ours) so you might just as well go for the Grand even if you are not thinking about doing evening meals at present. Theres no renewal required for the Grand, it's for life.

The rest is really to ensure you pay your social charges which will be 2538 the first year and 3746 the second after which it is worked out on your turnover. You can appeal against the first two years at the begining and if you are lucky they will adjust down accordingly but if you go over your anticipated turnover then you will have to pay more. I am sure others will have something to add although the other postings you have seen say it all really.

I think that you will find Miki's postings just about correct, they worked for me.


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>1. Only 2 bedrooms to
>let - yes I need
>to register, no I don'T!
>If you supply and change the linen, clean the rooms, give breakfast you strictly should register.
>>3. Who and what is
>Recette Locales Des Douanes.
>Is it part of the
Part of customs they deal with licences for liquor and food
>4. What do we have
>to pay for impots -
>we had large outgoings for
>setting up and advertising, therefore
>not going to make much
>profit. There has been
>mention of anything from 43
>euros to 2,500 euros!

Impots covers personal taxes and TVA, eg income tax and capital gains. A lot of your outlay will have been capital, but you should keep the receipts and a detailed breakdown for later when/if you sell up. Anything that isn't capital you may be able to bring in against your first year's income - check with your local impots or an accountant. You pay these taxes on your actual profit. The usual problem is that you spend money on setting up before you actually start in business.
>5. Mensuel payments - this
>is tax taken monthly, is
>that right?

Normally but can in practice cover payments made over 2, 3 or 6 months as well.
>6. Micro-bic - is this
>the right tax regime, and
>do I read it right
>that we can claim up
>to 70% allowances against profit?

There is still debate about this, some seem to be able to do it, others are having to use micro-enterprise.
>8. Do I presume that
>'petite' and 'grand' is a
>classification depending on how many
>letting bedrooms you have?

No this is the licence depending on what you serve in the way of drinks.

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Thank you all, I am busy printing off all the replies.

One thing concerns me, ckenway says we must register, ok, fine. But if we have to pay the social charges, that will pretty well take care of the income we get from the 2 rooms, over 8 months of the year, before we deduct expenses for advertising!

We're not quite pensionable age, do have some income from husband's past business life, but it needs a boost until investment incomes rise some more! But if we have to pay out so much in social charges, then we might as well not bother.

Shame, as I ran a little B&B in England as well, and really love the social side of meeting mostly lovely people.

Thanks again all, for your time and trouble in trying to help me.

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