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Please can anyone advise me. I want to have some signs made for Chambre d,hotes, one for the road in the village and one for my house itself. I have searched pages jaune but to no avail, does it come under panneau, I can,t seem to find the french word for sign writers. If anyone has had signs made or have made them themselves, I would be grateful for any advice.

I live on the borders of the Lot and Dordogne, depts 24 and 46.
I have tried the DDE but they were not very helpful, saying there were new regulations being brought in, signs would be be allowed to be put on the sides of the roads, and those there would be taken down. I checked with my mairie and they confirmed this, but if we were to put them on Private property this would be o.k., The maire has said it would be okay to put them in the village.

So please if anyone can help me with this I would be most grateful.

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In pages jaune look under Publicit.

They will have all kinds of companies offering self adhesive lettering (auto collants)and all manner of advertising. Many will be able to make you up a panneau to suit your enterprise. Max was around a 1m2 but as always, different regions or areas, different rules.

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Hi Dominique

I called in at our DDE (82)and they were very helpful and printed off the regulations for me.

Basically you can have 4 signs on roads leading to the property
max height 1 metre, width 1.5 metres. These must be within 5 kms of your property, or town if you are in town, and on private ground (i.e. the other side of the ditch) you should have the permission of the owner of the land - tricky sometimes. In addition you can have one standardised sign - number CE5b - blue and white with chambre d'hotes and a stylised bed which can be on the public thoroughfare (i.e. road side of the ditch)on road leading to property - they suggest at last roundabout/crossroad before - but don't think this is obligatory.

For signs on the house itself contact the Mairie and also for the little brown signs pointing to local amenities. Our Mairie are doing one for us and said cost will be about 30 Euros - they said we could call the house any name we liked and put up any sign providing it was 'tasteful' - shades of Kenny Everett!

Hope this is helpful - but of course as with all else in France it may be different elsewhere!

Good Luck

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