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Licences for food and alcohol


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New question folks, as I understand it, forgive me if I am wrong, there are four types of licences for food and alcohol, and these would be T1, T2, T3 and T4. Could somebody explain their use with regards to B&Bs and possibly how one should go about getting whatever is required.

Many thanks in advance.


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LAST EDITED ON 17-Jan-04 AT 08:45 PM (GMT)

>New question folks, as I understand
>it, forgive me if I
>am wrong, there are four
>types of licences for food
>and alcohol, and these would
>be T1, T2, T3 and
>T4. Could somebody explain their
>use with regards to B&Bs
>and possibly how one should
>go about getting whatever is
>Many thanks in advance.

You need a simple table d'htes licence, you will not qualify for the licence 4 which is a full bar licence.

We got ours first time years ago in the Dordogne from the Maire who simply walked us round to the Tabac to sort it out, mind you we had the existing Green form (original form with the old owners name on it)with us, so the Maire just told her to renew it in our name !

Now days the Douanes are in charge of most licences and every year we pay the princely sum of around 8,00.

We went to the Douanes when we arrived here 5 years ago to get our first licence (not sure now if we went to the Mairie first to get a form?)and now we get a demand every year and that's it.

You will need to guard the green licence form, as that will be the one the gendarmes will want to see should they ever have need to visit your place? I am not sure that you need a licence if you give the wine away with the meal though.....

Try the Mairie and they should be able to put you straight.

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I went through last season in ignorant bliss of the fact that I needed a licence for a) soft drinks and b) wine included in the price of the meal.

Today I finally got around to deciding to organise them for the start of the season. Followed the advice below, went to the Mairie to get info and relevant forms.

Mme le Maire: "Licence for drinks? Ooooh, I don't think so, you don't need it"

Coco: "Yes I believe I do, even for tea and coffee."

Mme le Maire (to secretary who is also secretary of local tourist office): "Does she need a licence?"

Secretary: "Oh no, not for non-alcholic drinks"

Coco (giving up on that one) "Ahhh, but I do for wine"

Mme le Maire and Secretary (in unison after gallic shrugs)
"Maybe, but we don't know anything about it, nor do we have any forms. Are you SURE you need a licence?"

Coco: "Well other English who run B&Bs tell me I do"

Mme le Maire: "Oh well, it's possible, but nothing to do with us, maybe les douanes, but I shouldn't bother if I were you."

I got directions to the local douane office nonetheless!!!

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Well I've just re-read this whole thread and it still seems to differ from douanes to douanes. I went into our office in Saint Lo today and asked about a licence for serving wine with meals in my chambres d'hotes.

"Do you want to serve anything stronger? Like Whisky?"
"No thank you, just wine"
"Don't think you need anything then"
"Yes I do, even if I'm only serving tea and coffee I need a petit licence"

After discussion with two other colleagues it was decided that I only need a petit licence, even for serving wine with meals. So now I have one! Didn't cost anything, issued on the spot, but I'm still wondering whether I ought to go back and get the grand licence. These people hardly fill you with confidence of their knowledge of their own departments when they have such discussions. I don't mind paying for the licence but I do want to make sure that I'm not going to get into trouble for offering wine with my meals. Especially as the lady asked if she could keep my card as colleagues staying in the area often need a chambres d'hotes. The last thing I need is a douanes jobsworth (who does know his facts) telling me that I don't have the right licence for wine.

Mine is a category 06 and it says that I am licenced to provide drinks with meals, but doesn't specify what sort of drinks!!

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