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Cash & Carry versus Supermarket

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My first trip to Metro went quite well, reasonably impressed with quality and prices. Has anyone actually done a comprehensive comparison; to see if it really does work out cheaper to use the Cash and Carry. Where are the good ones, does any one use Promo-cash?
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We use both Promo (Saint Malo) and Metro and have done so for many years. We are now lucky enough that Metro is now moving a lot closer (Rennes to Saint Malo).

For us it is often a case that normal shops cannot offer us the kind of things we require in our line of business. For example we can buy large serviettes in packs of 50 to a thousand. Mini butters and mini quality jams.

We can buy meat in large quantities. Tina gets the large 3kg plus packs of Escallope de poulet and even larger faux filet packs of beef. These can't be found too easily elsewhere.

We buy cleaning products, most of our wines and so much more. We buy most things in bulk, at the start of the year, such as a lot of the cleaning stuff, toilet paper, serviettes, breakfast place sets, the house bottled wine in half and full size and much more.

We can't say it is that much cheaper all round, it is for meat and fish and the better ice cream. Same price for milk and orange juice but it is just so convenient, we cannot find a lot of the things we buy, anywhere else. As you have already seen, there are no long waiting times at the large checkouts.

Promo are pretty competitive with Metro but where Metro score, is they have a much wider range of products, well at least where we use now does, what will happen with the new store, time will tell. Metro carry a far larger range of electrical equipment than our local Promo.

All in all, much better all round to use the wholesalers but it does depend on what your needs are. Where is your nearest? We used Metro in Perigueux for years.


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