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Double Nationality


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Ah, things change. Everything towards centralisation and 'simplification' (i.e. reduction in number of fontionnaires).

In 2006 our little Mairie (commune of 500+) handled everything for us. 2011 & 2016 it was the préfecture, especially now (since at least 2016) fingerprints have to be taken.

Like nationality. It used to be handled by the préfecture départementale. Now, it all goes through a regional centre (for Occitanie there are 2 - Toulouse for old Midi-Pyrénées and Montpellier for old Languedoc-Roussillon). For Midi-Pyrénées, except Haute-Garonne, there used to be about 14 fonctionnaires working on naturalisation (roughly 2 per dept.), now there are just 3, all in Toulouse.
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The Mairies always took fingerprints for french ID, so they could have continued to do so. Ours did in a small village so I would think that they took them in all Mairies.

I know this as it shocked me rigid when I saw them being taken. I was in there sorting out, probably nonsense paperwork, like a Fiche d'etat familiale, and the bloke in front of me had to give finger prints.

When he went and as I was the only one there, I asked what he had been up to. Met with confused looks, I pointed out that they had taken his finger prints. Ah no, it was for his ID.

I could not believe that in a country that already insisted on ID papers that they wanted finger prints too...... and yet, there was still lots of crime and the police/gendarmes were never very good at clear up rates, in spite of having everyone's bloody fingerprints. Now I wonder, what next, DNA samples, because France is like that!

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Even though the first our two different periods of French residencey began way back in 1989, I would never dream of attempting to obtain French nationality.

I feel, particularly at my time of life, that I am too old to embark on attempting to perfect 'the Gaellic shrug' gesture which surely must be a integral part of the nationality test?
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Norman, may I also add my congratulations.  As a long time inhabitant of France, who, contrary to one poster's opinion, does know France very well indeed, and who has been a fount of knowledge for many years on this forum, I understand why you have done this.  With no intention of ever returning to your homeland, and why should you, with no ties to pull you back probably, taking the decision you have is totally understandable.

As you know, I know the city where you live, and yes, it might score higher than some on whatever scale the statisticians decide is of the moment, but it has grave problems, plus an active and mobile population which was not born in France.  You have not only been here for years, but I know your life is here in France, and I can see that taking French nationality is right for you.

Like Idun, I decided when this latest debâcle started that even though I was sure I could pass the French and other tests, it was not for me, I do not feel French and never will, and I retain family ties in the UK.

But I am pleased that you are now secure in your chosen place.  Well done!

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The 33 mentioned soon to become 32 might be the clue and it does not have to be French but these people pick French because it is where they have lived for a long time. Brits in Spain and many other countries are taking the nationality of where they have settled. Bit like emigrating to Canada, Australia, New Zeeland etc.

I don't know why you are getting so wound up. It makes absolutely no difference to you personally does it.
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Congratulations on your naturalisation Norman!!

Your next step will be the "Cérémonie de naturalisation et d’accueil dans la citoyenneté française” which I am sure you will enjoy.

In 2011 we were invited to our préfecture for our ceremony. Together with others from various countries, the Préfet, in full official uniform, welcomed us as new citoyens. We felt very proud and happy to shake his hand and receive our naturalisation documents: decrees signed by the Prime Minister, letter from the President, livret de famille, brand new birth certificates and mariage certificate, “Inscription sur les listes électorales”, "Déclaration des droits de l’homme et de citoyen du 26 août 1789”, and the words of the Marseillaise.

Later we applied for passports and cartes d'identité - great things to have.

What does all this give us? Security for our future as French nationals and European citizens, welcomed by and settled into our chosen homeland. We now have the same freedoms, equality, rights and responsibilities as our fellow French citizens. And we are effectively immune from the machinations of any present or future UK government.

Long may we, and you, exercise those rights and freedoms!
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If you mean would I live in the nastiest, shittiest, area of anywhere, then no. But then what person would would put themselves through shyte in any place. That is not a phenomenon related to France or UK or anywhere .

Really, ALBF, you can do better. Why not try the lovely people in my village and around here who come here to raise their kids without, well, whatever.
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Mint, they do indeed.

They must pass a B1 level English language test, they must pass the (really stupid) Life in the UK test (£50) https://www.thelifeinuktest.co.uk/uk-citizenship-test.php, provide all sorts of documents and pay a fee (in advance) of £1330.

In France it is B1 language, several kg of papers (not sure it's actually any more than in UK) and a fee of €55.
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I''m shocked that people are being so spiteful - shame on them (miserable so-and-sos).  If you feel it's right for you it's not their business to criticize - and you  don't have to justify it to that very rude troll who is so negative. I feel sorry for someone who behaves like that.

What's so wrong with getting citizenship of the country you live in, pay tax etc and intend to stay in?  I'm disgusted by Brexit and annoyed that I'm no longer European.

As for queuing for a CdeS, appointments are made online so there's no need.  The queues must be for other things.

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Let's deal with some of your points Mr Blodwyn.

There is no spite just interest as why people who already have a nationality would want another one. Nobody has answered that point. Very quick to tell us they have it but not why they applied for it.

We all pay taxes here...more than others (i.e. those who are not retired) if you want to go down that road.

Just because the UK voted out of the EU does not make you less of a European. Last time I looked on the map, the UK is still firmly in Europe.

My other half has been helping a Nigerian women who has escaped her country and now lives in France. If she goes back she will probably end up dead with her children.

She goes to work, speaks reasonable French and trying to make a life for her family in France.

I think she deserves French nationality more in my IMHO than some retired Brits in the Dordogne whining on about Brexit. .

That is the point I am trying to make.

You already have a nationality, you don't technically need another one.

How many Brits applying for French nationality would give up their British nationality ?

Not many I guess.

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Not bashing Minty......France 3 have had endless reports over the last few weeks about whining Brits in the Dordogne complaining about Brexit and gaining French citizenship.

It is not just ALBF thing. It is a national thing. LOL.

Do people care in France...no.

Anyway, I have not seen one report about Brits living in the Vosges complaining about Brexit.

There are a lot of people worse off in french society than Brits who now have to carry a blue passport.
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Lots of reports from 'Dordoyneshire' and nothing from Vosges - suggests you limit your viewing to France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine rather than France 3 Grand Est.

btw, here's a recent one (albeit paywalled): https://www.vosgesmatin.fr/france-monde/2020/01/30/les-adieux-britanniques-entre-amertume-et-joie
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Nouvelle-Aquitaine ???

Do you know who I am ? LOL

Funny how if you are not living in Dordogne you must be living Nouvelle-Aquitaine. LOL

I had to google Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Ooh look is down there is SW France.

Vosges matin. Now that is a proper French news website.

I reckon right, you would have no problem getting a CDS or French nationality in the Vosges. No queues !! I bet you don't have to wait three years.

But, would the Eymit's trade in Eymit for Saint-Dié-des-Vosges ? I would. Gorgeous region of France.

Not sure they would.

Sorry, it was on F3 national all those reports. God, they were doing my head in.
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