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Latest message about CdS since Brexit


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I posted this into the wrong thread. The people in program have been renovating for three years before opening for this season. Technically they are in Genoles but it shares the same post code. I check on the C4 website and it was filmed initially in 2018. I posted this because at that time the procedure below was correct and wanted to show that no way could they just walk in and get a CDS like has been implied by the program.

Reading past threads it seems to vary in different parts of the country. Like I said my dad got his from Carcassonne and that was 2 years ago.

He was asking for a permanent card because he had lived in France for 17/18 years.

He applied by email to the prefecture and they sent him a list of what THEY wanted which is below in French. Note that they wanted translated versions of birth certificates etc. where as others have claimed in their department original English language ones are accepted which is why I suggest you ask your department. I seem to remember seeing something on the French government website, possible a link to it from this forum, and the list below was basically the same.

UE Séjour permanent

RENOUVELLEMENT: L’étranger doit se présenter au service d'accueil des étrangers (RDV à prendre le matin entre 9h et 11h ou par e-mail pref-etrangers @aude.gouv.fr) deux mois avant l’échéance de sa carte de séjour.


Les documents doivent être traduits en français par un traducteur assermenté.

Les originaux devant être obligatoirement présentés

- Titre d’identité ou passeport en cours de validité.


-Extrait d’acte de naissance

- Si marié: Acte de mariage et livret de famille avec éventuellement pages des enfants

- Si divorcé: jugement de divorce


- Relevés de compte en Euros

- Ou justificatif de la retraite, pension, par dernier versement

Justificatif du droit de séjour durant les 5 années précédentes : 5 derniers avis d’imposition complets

- JUSTIFICATIF DE DOMICILE par quittance E.D.F. récente

(si étranger hébergé, joindre attestation manuscrite sur l’honneur du logeur avec sa quittance E.D.F. récente et sa carte nationale d’identité ou sa carte de séjour)

Justificatif de la continuité de résidence : tout document prouvant le séjour continu : quittances de loyers ou de charges, factures…,

- 4 photos d’identité (norme ISO/IEC 19794-5: 2005)

- couverture sociale en cours de validité (attestation d'assurance maladie )


Toute demande de titre doit impérativement être déposée dans les 2 mois précédant l’expiration de la carte de séjour dont vous êtes titulaire. A l’échéance de votre titre et en l’absence de demande de renouvellement, vous devrez justifier à nouveau des conditions exigées pour la première délivrance de la carte de séjour, y compris la possession d’un visa d’établissement (R311-2 du CESEDA).
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What is wrong with you, go and read back a few posts to the first bit about "A Life in the Sun". My post is not about now it's about a few years back when these people got their CDS for the TV program that was recorded in 2018 and for broadcast in 2020. If you check the film was not made this year or even last year. It's on YouTube and you can see the date. The film implied that they just waltzed into the prefecture in Carcassonne with their documents and breezed out with their CDS which could never have been the case at that time. The reason being because at that time there was a set procedure which I gave the details for and that my dad and others on this forum living in Aude had to follow. No way was I implying that is the case now if you read it all in context.

Seems at the moment in France unlike other EU countries you Brits don't have a clue what's going on because the French are moving, as always, incredibly slow way behind other EU countries with regards to Brits.
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Ct says..."You Brits".

You Brits ! You Brits...and what point in time does a 'Brit' living in France become alittlebitfrench ?

If you have lived in France a long time then you become ALBF and you get used to the slowness of France.

France is France..that is the joy of living in France. If you don't like it, go and live in Germany.

oooh sorry, you do. LOL.
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I suspect that all you "on the ball" people know this because you still get the daily or weekly updates concerning Brexit from the UK government as well as the French government (I assume they do one) sent to you. In amongst all the stuff today for you lot was

"Living in France

Page summary

Official information for UK nationals moving to and living in France need to know, including guidance on residency, healthcare, driving and the Withdrawal Agreement.

Change made

New information on the online portal to register your residency which opens in July 2020.

Time updated

7:31am, 7 February 2020"

The email takes you to this.


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I must be getting a little bit gaga.  I took out a subscription for the online magazine for all the latest info about Brexit and what was needed to obtain a CdS, but now I have forgotten how to access this magazine on my account.  I am a full member of this forum and have been trying without success to access the magazine, so I would be grateful for some reminder as to how to access this online magazine.

Thanks in anticipation,


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Thank you Cajal, but that is not the link I need.  I am signed into my account, and I should be able to access the magazine through links on the page without any further signing in.

Thank you anyway,


p.s.  I have now found the link, and it seems that I was looking in the wrong place.  Thank you Cajal for your kind assistance.


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Mr.B and I got our 10 year cards from the prefecture on Thursday . The very helpful lady told us that when we ask for an exchange for the new cards we should be aware that our card number will hold all of our dossier and that we would probably have to quote this number. When I queried whether this might be all we would have to do , she said she didn't know.To us this looked like a sensible way to process these new cards...…… ( Just adding our pennyworth to the thread. Keep safe everyone.
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