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Not being wine buffs ourselves, we're having difficulty finding a decent wine for our guests. We obviously don't want to spend a fortune but also don't want to "poison" the diners with a rough bottle. Can anyone suggest a make/supplier for a reasonable red at a reasonable price? We are in the Creuse if anyone knows of a supplier in the area.

Many thanks
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We do enjoy good wine and since living in France have taken advantage of being able to visit a few vineyards, and the annual foires au vins in October so have started building a reasonable cave.  However, we couldn't possibly afford to give those wines to our guests.  At the same time I don't like drinking cheap plonk and wouldn't expect my guests to.

We are not in a wine region but found a good Cave in our local town of Saint-Lo where they sell wine by the "bag-in-box" which we think is much superior to the wine boxes we have tried in the UK.  The owner let's us try before we buy and we regularly buy 10 litre boxes of a very reasonable Merlot for 28 euros a box and a nice sauivgnon blanc from Gascony, which we buy in 5 litre boxes, so that we can chill them in the fridge.  These are about 15 euros for 5 litres.  We have had guests ask where they can buy both, so they can't be that bad!  We also now get a 5% discount for being regular customers

By buying boxes it also means that if we feel the evening would go better by offering just one more glass of wine we can do this, without having to open a new bottle!

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hi there, we are also not wine buffs,

but we offer a simple bottle of cotés dû rhone 1 per person with the 20Euros evening meal  if we have BBQs we include wines as much as you can drink,

I start the evening off before the BBQ with a jug of Sangria with fruit in and then out on the table I put jug of red ussually out  of the plastic barrels, couple bottles of Mucadet and a box of Rosé not a plastic barrel as I find the barrels of Rosé bitter and  a few bottles of rough champagne which I pour into Jugs and add syrop de fraise and add few chopped strawberries and the guests love it by the time the champas comes out, obvously the soft drinks for the kids and beers for the non wine drinkers.

I find that guests like Galliac and Minovous (dont know if the spellings ok) as well and the normal bordeaux what I do I look for offers in the supermarkets and buy a few at once after a couple of years i have built myself up afine collection!


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Cheers for that, I'll give it a try. Also the Merlot in a box.
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