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FINALLY ...my new passport and ID card have arrived.


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This is just let you all know that after nearly 4 years I now have these doicuments in my hand.

I don't want to re-open the issue of whether it is necessary or even worthwhile, and it was a purely personal choice, but it was a long and convoluted road so I am  glad it has finally come to an end


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Congrats Norman !!

These things are major life events !!

I just got my carte vitale and I jumped with joy.  I can't even imagine the hoops you've had to go through for your documents.

If there is one thing I've learned when dealing with French paperwork and bureaucracy it is to never give up.  Good for you !

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We went to the Mairie yesterday morning and were astonished by their efficiency. Maybe it was because we had already completed pre-applications on line or the alignment of the planets, but we were in and out in twenty minutes!

We now have four receipts for two passports and two ID cards and are wondering how long before we receive an SMS to say we can pick them up.

We started the procedure nearly two years ago when we submitted our dossiers to the Nice préfecture.

It’s a great feeling when it all comes together.

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Technically (in French terms) I am Franco-britannique) which means that I  have double nationality, but whenever I am in in France I am French.

My UK passport is valid until 2023 so I will just let it be if I manage to hang on that long.
At that point I will decide whether to try to renew it or not.
The French one is for 10 years so I very much doubt that I will last that long.

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