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Dear all,

I am trying to find out where I can buy mini bottles of shower gel/shampoo/soap for our B&B.  I have read that they sell them in Cash and Carry's over here,but I don't know the name of any stores and haven't been able to locate one.  can anyone help?  I am willing to drive a little way in order to stock up.  I live near Vichy in the Auvergne.

Or if any-one has any other suggestions..



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Metro is the French equivalent of Makro - try www.metro.fr to locate your nearest store.  Can't say I've ever noticed any mini shampoos when I've been in the Limoges branch, as it's mainly food orientated.

We found that to get our metro card we not only had to produce our documentation from the CCI but also an attestation from Gites de France.

Bon courage


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There's Metro and Promocash (a bit smaller). To open an account with either you need a passport plus KBIS (Chambre of Commerce registration). Alternatively, they should accept a UK Makro card (the UK certainly accept the French one) for a "while" if you have or can get one of those.

They both do the little bottles of shampoo and soaps but sometimes you've to have quite a hunt for them and our local ran out of the soaps completely right through the whole of the Summer last year ie best to stock up around March/April just in case.

You'll gradually appear on loads of commercial junk mail lists which will supply them mail order too.





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We now get ours from Isambourg, which supplies everything for most businesses.  Before that we used to get then from Gite de France (being members) and our friends used to get hers from Clevacances (again a member).




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