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WA Titre de Sejour


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The system works as it is. There is no need to issue any further bits of paper. After the initial application you receive an email which is all the proof you need until the new card is in your hand. I’ve been through the system from start to finish and never felt stressed at any point. I was informed that I would have to hand in my obsolete CdS UE at the rdv (not interview) where I had to provide a photograph and finger prints. I was told that I would receive my new WA CdR in the post and it arrived as promised. All this high blood pressure and I know better posting is rather strange.
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It's obvious from the experiences outlined in this thread that applications and swaps are working differently in different regions and départments. I'm sure that shocks us all. [:P]

CeeJay, if I had been waiting for 3 months from the date of the initial paperwork interview*  I would do a polite follow-up email just to check I hadn't been parked in someone's in tray with some query on the documents provided.

After applying online for our 10 year, permanent TdeS 'swap' last November, we received confirmation of application (by email), waited... but did not receive a 'swap' rdv. Others in the same situation (and who applied after us) did receive appointments. We chased after about 10 weeks. We received a joint rdv by return and the new TdeS 15 days after the appointment - where we gave back the existing card, produced new photos + our passports and autographs.

While I have no idea why it should be so, I do think our enquiry prompted retrieval of our files and the rdv.

* where ID, proof of residency, 5 years of tax returns, birth certificates and all that jazz is produced for scrutiny, fingerprints taken, photos handed over

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I received my rdv email to attend the Prefecture in Nimes about 3 weeks ago. The big day (!) is Monday.

Been hanging on ever since hoping / expecting to get one for Mrs G, but decided yesterday evening to send a ‘Can she come along Monday?’ email.

They replied first thing this morning. “What’s her maiden name?” Fixed.

Now the problem of getting identity photos. The ‘high street’ photographic place is locked down, but found somewhere else on the internet. He said that it was all ‘dodgy’, but he’d help us out. So its a candlestein visit to his premises tomorrow.

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Thanks Catalpa.

I know about the booths, but they always seem to be u/s whenever I want to use them.

Just getting a bit close to the Nimes rdv, so best (for us) to seek out a professional.

Mark you, this could turn out to be dodgy !

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Went to this bloke’s premises yesterday.

It was a shop with a studio for portrait photography. It took ten minutes and he gave us an extra set of 4 pics (“for the next identity document that you might need”) and charged us just €8 each.

Oh, and he added in a 10 x 15 print as well, so if anybody out there would like a signed picture of Gardian, just say.

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Mrs G and I went to Nimes this afternoon for our ‘appointment’.

The city isn’t such a bad place, but it is a nightmare to navigate your way around. We were able to park quite close to where I thought the office was, but they’ve either moved it or I was just plain wrong! Anyway, we got to the correct building just about on time for our 13.50 rdv.

It quickly became clear that two thirds of the people in the waiting area were British, so we knew that we were in for a bit of a delay. Sure enough, one lady on her own seemed to be short of quite a lot of the required documents. We finally got in front of the person dealing with the Brits at about 15.00.

Everything was OK documentation-wise, except that she wanted something that was at least 5 yrs old ! I said that I had provided that with my original internet application, but she said that she didn’t have it and that was all that mattered. Was given an email address to send it to, so no problem.

The fingerprint lark was the hardest bit - seemingly I wasn’t positioning my digits in the right place and she started to get the hump with me. It all worked in the end.

Over & done with .......... I think! Less straightforward down here than elsewhere it would seem though.
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They made me drive just over an hour to Arras early this morning to hand over photos, look at my passport, give in the old CdeS and to take another set of my fingerprints. Apparently they dont have access to the old ones. Of course, the machine was less than cooperative; perhaps my prints are getting worn out with gardening. Anyway, we got there in the end.

The young lady behind the glass was charming, very competent and gives hope for the future fonctionnaires.

I had been very reluctant to go there as the waiting room had been a bit like the turnstile area at a Manchester United home derby tha last time. But this time, appointments had been made and were stuck to; getting there more than 5 minutes early meant waiting outside which was fine as it was sunny.

I ended up entertaining a very lively toddler who was hell bent on crashing down 20 steep stairs.

There were apparently 30 appointments in the morning and 40 in the pm, so a long day.

Getting up early was a rude shock as was the heavy frost but it was a gloriously sunny drive with only light traffic. Even managed to park very close to the venue; many must be working from home.

Even managed a visit to the plant nursery on the way home.

And went back to bed immediately as it was raining and housework could go whistle.

Good job done.
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