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Chambre D'hote

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Been renovating our village house in 87290 for the past 4 years and it's nearly done.

We are hoping to open next year and are just putting in place the last details, web site etc etc. Our Maire is very keen to have us open in the village as soon as possible and says she is gettng enquires at the Mairie about accomodation in the village quite regularly.

Just wanted to know how others are finding things what with the "global recession", exchange rates etc.

Have you seen a change in business, drop in customers or the opposite ?

Thanks for any views on this.

Best Regards Mel
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It very much depends on where you advertise (country wise) and where you are located. We are down south and have 38 bookings so far out of which only 2 are from the UK, the rest are from inside the Euro zone. To date, for us, its the worst year ever for bookings from the UK. If you live a further north, within easy driving distance of the ports, I believe you get a lot more people from the UK. For us we get a few people drive down but mainly its fly and hire a car which of course make the holiday even more expensive. Anyway good luck, things may be a lot different by next year.
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We opened last summer so haven't really known the good times as such but we are pleasantly surprised by the number of bookings as our expectation was low!!! but as Quillan says not that many from the UK, we're at the luxury end of the market so the exchange rate hits us hard, but we are also getting a lot of enquiries from Americans, Canadians and Aussies. In our village at the basic end of the market I know a Dutch guy whose bookings are right down and he never really relied on Brits. So I'm not sure if certain sectors are suffering more than others. Other people are saying that people are really leaving it to the last minute to book. One thing we did do was keep hold of our UK business to easy off the financial pressure of establishing the Chambre D'Hote in France.
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We are in the the Pas de Calais bordering on the Somme,and opened in August last year. This year all our guests have been french. Last year 1 english couple, 1 dutch  lady and the rest were french. Lots of our enquiries come via the Mairie and their web site. We are more a short stay than longer stay chambre d'hotes,  mid-week and weekends. We have not had any bookings for easter yet, but enquiries for the week afterwards, when we have to visit England.

So good luck for the future Mel

Gillian and Albert

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