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We had a bit of a shock this year when we visited the accountant to delare our takings from our B&B and apartments.

The 71% abatement and taxe paid on 29% has now changed to 50%.......has anyone else found this?

Best wishes
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I would check this years return against the previous one and in particular the box number where you entered the turnover of your B&B. I did mine online and have been entering the figure in the same box number (as shown to me by the guy at the Tresor Pubic) since we started. When you enter the figure online it tells you what the abatement is for the box you have entered and I am sure it was still 71%. I did notice that the box number this year has changed slightly, before it was 2 letters and a number now its 3 letters and a number where the original 2 letters are now preceded by another letter. I had to go back and compare against last year just to double check but if your guy has put it in the wrong box (I think it's the next one down) then I did notice that the rebate was only 50%.

Hope that helps. Unfortunately I have my leg in a 'plaster' else I would go down stairs and get my copy and tell you the exact number of the box.

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From this year's return onward furnished rentals only qualify for a 50% reduction unless they are categorised as

  • Gîtes Ruraux

  • Meublés de Tourisme

  • Chambre d’hotes

    So it will depend on the precise nature of the appartements to determine the reduction which can be claimed.

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    Thank you both for your responses.

    I have written to my accountant with this information to ask him if there is any way we can change our classification to qualify still for the 71%/29% split as we have

    Chambres d'hote

    Two apartments which I think should class as meubles de tourisme.

    Makes a big difference to the tax and social charges bill!!

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    Same for Gites now 50% unless you are registered with Gites de France or your prefecture. A real downer for a lot of people I would imagine, including us. The problem is if you don't put it in as 50% you could end up being liable for a whole lot more as they will think your fiddling the system.
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    [quote user="Scooter"]Sent an email to the accountant today and told him about categorisation, chambres d'hotes etc and he is adamant that it is 50% for 'louers en meubles' - all categorisations Tax Return for 2009.[/quote]

    Perhaps there is a difference between 'louers en meubles' and 'Meublés de Tourisme' (see BSLIV's post).

    I've hobbled downstairs and got my declaration out. We put our 'turnover' on the 'Declaration Complementaire' form (2024CK) under 'Revenus Industriels et Commerciax Non Professionnelles', box NO which is marked 'Vente de Merchandise ou Locations Meublees non Professionnelles'. Thats where we were told to put it by the guy at the Tresor Public when we went to register for tax and have continued to do so ever since and the description of the box has stayed the same over the years. I did make one mistake in my previous post, it does not show the rate when you type in the number but if you hit the '?' next to the box it tells you in the pop up screen that its 71%.

    I have a feeling that there is also something to do what percentage of your income your B&B generates, i.e. if its under or above 50% but I am no tax expert.

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