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whirlpool washing machine

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Not sure where to put this ? We've inherited one of these american top loaders and wonder if it's worth using. I'm lead to believe they have no heating element and wonder what the water usage is like. It's virtually unused. Of course there's no manual with it!

W Rat
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You should be able to get a manual online via the Whirlpool website.

I agree with PZFP though!  My grandson (aged 7 or so at the time) pushed the switch on the back of a computer that changed it to and fro between 110 and 220v.  Smoke and a bang...

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Water rat:

Did you look on the Whirlpool website of the country it was bought in? Models seem to be different n every country! If so then I would contact Whirlpool via their site and ask.  Our son has a similar sort of washing machine in Canada and it is wonderful, you start it and can just add clothes to the top as it heats up.

To digress re computer and grandson - his Dad had to keep his face rigid and try to not to laugh as he knew he would have done the same at that age!  Luckily Dad has lots of computers and parts about as he works for a software company.  Says he should have taped down the switch.  Child is destined to be an engineer - he likes to know how everything works.  But a lesson learned even so.

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We have a large American Whirlpool top loader which we bought from Curry's and hauled here about 12 years ago, which is still going strong.

We bought it because it has a hot water feed, does a normal wash in 10 minutes, super wash in 18, has no electronic controls, and doesn't have programmes for a hundred different types of wash.

If you Google the model number, which should be on a plate behind the lid, you should find all the information you'll ever need, as these are/were a very popular range.

The only problem we have had was a broken yoke on the plastic universal joint between the motor and the gearbox.

This is a fairly common failure on early machines after a few years, and I was able to buy a strengthened version of the joint from a company in UK, and also found a video showing exactly how to open the machine and replace the U/J.

There is also an occasional squeaking noise during the spin cycle. This is caused by a rubber shield around the main assembly rubbing against the top cover, and is unimportant.




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