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How would you react to this one?


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 I live in Manchester , England with my wife and we are newly married .We
> just got wedded and we chose your place for us to spend our vacation. My workplace would cover all costs / 
total cost for the holidays . Please ,just> to reconfirm hope it is suitable for 2 people.
 As my wife and I would be at > the site during this period to spend our honeymoon and experience over the
 place .This would be fine if you can give us a small description of the> location , however .
Please confirm the total price / amount for the periods
> from 11/1/2014 to 15/1/2014 in order to provide my workplace the total

> estimate. So kindly get back to me with the total price to make sure

> everything is tidy. Thank you and I await your soonest reply .Have a nice  day.
Edit: UK address and mobile phone number.

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It's odd isn't it that in these scam type emails you can forgive the slightly odd English  (.... just got wedded..) but then they take great pains to say that the booking is cast iron and will be paid for by X. That and the bookings seem to be for improbable times of year.

Oh well, let's hope for the sake of those of you running B&B etc that they never cotton on ...

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We did respond with a little information. Soon after we had the big phish full of give-aways ('My company is paying for our honeymoon' = 'my accounts department will be making the payment in full'), request for bank details and the usual poor grammar. We responded that they should go and phish elsewhere.
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