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Water Bills

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I have a small campsite business and must confess to have become totally confused by our water charges. It's been spurred on by a leak following the winter freeze. Each year we have received bills from the local Syndicate (Siderm - Le Mans Metropole). We have a ceptic tank and our "supply" seems to be about 1.5 euros per cubic metre taking account of all the add ons. This bill is received by my SARL.

I have received some correspondence to the same property (in my personal name) from Veolia (with a client reference number) seeming to offer direct debits (auto prevalements) yet I have not had any Veolia bills. A "local" has told me that I should also have been receiving a Veolia bill and that the "total cost" of water should be more in the order of 20 euros per cubic m, This seems incredibly high and I am thinking that he must be mistaken.

Anybody know what the situation should be? and what total water prices should be?


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A bit odd if you got a bill from Veolia.

I just went to their website and plugged in the postcode for Le Mans  (I tried 72700 and 72000) and got the message 'Nous sommes désolés mais Veolia Eau ne dessert pas votre commune'

you can check it yourself here    https://www.service-client.veoliaeau.fr/site/veolia/Accueil

I pay (in 62) around 1 euro per Cubic metre which I think is about normal, give or take on your region.  For 20euros I would want chilled Perrier !!


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Blimey and we are all complaining because it just gone up from 50 cents to 52 per m3. This Jura place sounds rather expensive if you live there if water 3,90 a m3. What is it they say about the place, 8 months of snow, 2 months of wind and the rest is OK, Ruskin I think it was or was it Goethe. Still OK for skiing I suspect, anyone move there recently?

Our first bill was for water in, water out. Basically they read the meter charged for water in then doubled it. I had to go and say 'hang on I have a fosse' and then they halved the bill. As for 20 Euros a m3 well I don't know what to say. I would be frightened to even use the washing machine. At that rate my bill would be about 11k a year, I would move.

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sorry for going off topic, but I have to respond to Quillan. I love the Jura, perhaps because I was born and bred here. Rousseau lived for some years nearby and waxed lyrical about the place. Gide wrote a novel based in La Brevine (La symphonie Pastorale - about a vicar with a dour wife, who falls in love with an adopted protegée) also nearby, which is also called little Syberia and where the winters are VERY cold - lanscape like a tundra with peat bogs and miniature trees and a lovely Lake used as a skating rink and windskating, dotted with old Neuchatel farmhouses (like ours, an old vicarage, date 1587). I would say 5 months of winter, 3 of which absolutely glorious, dry and oh so luminous- I just love it. Spring is short and Summer and heat come quickly - perfect for me in the 20Cs - can't stand the sort of heat above 28 where you have to hide most of the day. And autumns absolutely glorious, à la New England. We moved there 3 weeks ago - very happy - no drought, no floods and a lot less wind then the South of France, that's for sure. But the winter bise (east wind) can bite your head off. Oh, and VERY few Brits!

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