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Wanted: venue for club celebration...

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Hi, as described in the thread: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/2283505/ShowPost.aspx our classic car club is planning an adventure in France in May 2012. I would really like to find a suitable venue where we can have an end-of-event dinner, with access to local camping and/or a reasonably priced hotel or two.

Ideally near Calais but it is possible we could hold the dinner the night before near Nancy.

Can anyone help with a suggestion (or offer!)?

You can always e-mail me on citroenclassic(at)btopenworld.com,


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One thought is for a hotel we sometimes use if we want one just across the channel: http://www.hotel-le-wast.com/index.php?lang=fr

It's a pleasant place, has comfortable bedrooms and good food. It's very welcoming, isn't hugely expensive, has a good-sized area in the grounds for parking and a separate room off the main dining room for groups.

Monsier & Madame Feutry moved on a couple of years ago and the place went downhill, but they've taken it over again, and it's back to how it was. We stayed there in spring, and enjoyed it all again. There was a large group there at the time and a couple of small groups, plus all the rest of us as couples etc. Service was good all evening at at breakfast; no long waits, so they were obviously very geared up in the staffing department as well as in the kitchen.  [:)]  Have a look at comments on Trip Advisor.

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